MistyBlue Cancer Care Foundation Limited is a charitable organisation which purpose is to inform, educate and support cancer patients, cancer survivors and citizens generally in the parish of Westmoreland and its environs. The entity was registered with the Jamaica Companies’ Office in March 2015 and had its official launch in July of the same year. The idea underpinning the emergence of the Foundation came about because of the Founder’s personal experience with cancer. At the time of her cancer diagnosis she was made shockingly aware of the woeful lack of resources available to cancer patients and their families within the parish of her birth, Westmoreland. The idea of a foundation that seeks to offer support through cancer prevention education and assist in raising alerts on eliminating risk factors that contribute to cancer for the citizens within the parish and its environs was birthed.
MistyBlue Cancer Care Foundation Limited recognizes the value of every citizen of this country and is guided in giving service through our commitment to excellence and leadership. We will provide exemplary physical, emotional and spiritual care for all citizens of Westmoreland and its environs regardless of age, gender, colour or social class. Within this context, the public at large will benefit from a wide range of educational, screening, diagnostic and treatment options that will impact on the general health of the people within the community. With the cooperation of the citizenry and the team members, our goal of early detection and reduction in the rate of cancer in Westmoreland will be achieved.

Our vision is to make cancer care, support and accessible health care attainable rights to the citizens of Westmoreland and its environs. 

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