Health Fairs

Since the establishment of the Foundation, we have planned and executed yearly programs and activities targeting all community members, including cancer patients and their family members, caregivers, and other citizens of the parish.  These programs are designed to educate the public about cancer related topics such as prevention, screening and treatment.  

The Foundation hosts at least eight Health Fairs per year.  These health fairs are possibly the most popular community outreach activity on our calendar. The idea underpinning our Health Fairs is to provide health services to persons within the parish who would not otherwise able to afford those services. 

Secondly, the health fairs serve as a reliable method that give us a comprehensive insight into the needs level of those we aim to serve in the respective communities.  Some of the services offered are: 

Some communities that have benefited from this initiative are: Darliston; Burnt Savannah; Negril; Savanna La Mar; New Work, Bethel Town Petersfield and their adjoining communities.  

Prostate Cancer Month Activities

September is internationally recognised as Prostate Cancer Awareness month. In order to heighten the awareness of this type of cancer, the Foundation hosts several activities during the month including giving talks at schools, churches and corporate entities; radio interviews; health screening day; and 5K Run/Walk.     Unfortunately, even though prostate cancer is the commonest cancer in Jamaica as well as the leading cause of cancer-related deaths, it is not the cancer that receives greatest recognition in terms of awareness and outreach. One report suggested that Jamaica has the highest incidence rate of prostate cancer globally, with an age- standardization rate of 304/100,000 per year. The Caribbean region is reported to have the highest mortality rate of prostate.

Cancer World Wide

Prostate cancer accounts for a large portion of clinical practice for the health care practitioners in Jamaica.   
To help to heighten citizens’ awareness of this form of cancer, the Foundation hosts a special yearly screening day in September for prostate cancer, dubbed “SAVE THE NUTS DAY”. To encourage and support our males, those who opt to have their prostate screening done, will be rewarded with a number of other screening and diagnostic tests.

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