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​There are several topics discussed in sections on this page:

  • The Purpose of the MistyBlue Cancer Care Website
  • About the Researchers – Our Volunteer Researchers
  • A Discussion Of The Use of the Term “Cure”
  • About Alternative Cancer Treatments,
  • About Orthodox Cancer Treatments
  • Legal Disclaimer – A Must Have






1) The Purpose of the Research Section of Website

We are researching to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date information on Alternative & Conventional Cancer Treatments known to us. Everyone else will tell you ONLY about the Conventional Treatments, which we believe is NOT the best for EVERY type of cancer.

The purpose of this information is to let cancer patients and/or their doctors and caregivers, have the information necessary to let them know what alternative cancer treatment options exist. We believe that if you have this information you will be able to make a more informed decision when you pick your treatment option. Good information will lead to better decisions concerning cancer treatment options.

Basically, we are saying that if you receive an unfortunate cancer diagnosis, there is no need to panic or rush into any decision about treatment immediately. This website will allow you to breathe, and take some time to look up information, so you and your family can clear your heads, then decide on the best treatment options for YOU…not Your doctor.

Always remember that YOU will be undergoing the cancer treatment, NOT your doctor or your family members. So, the choice should be yours, NOT theirs.

Chances are, whatever your doctor will try to FORCE you to do wouldn’t be what he would chose for himself or his family. Be proactive…A cancer diagnosis does not mean you will die…But you might be led to think exactly that. Remember that your mindset is an integral part of your treatment success.

Relax, cancer is NOT the death sentence they always make us believe it is. You have many options for treatment…You even have a great possibility of a cure. That’s why we want you to know about all the Treatment Options that we know about. Examine, examine and choose wisely. You are the master of your own destiny.

We are a different kind of Cancer Care Foundation, and we are innovative. We are proud to be able to provide you with information that you may not find anywhere else here in Jamaica. In short, the purpose of this website is to save cancer patients, or their caregivers, several years of research time. When a person has cancer they usually do not have several years to research their options.

Even if they did, it would take time to become proficient at researching the internet. You should have access to ALL information available about ALL treatment options that we have researched, and not just the usual, conventional treatment options.


We are aware that the vast majority of cancer patients, who seek out alternative cancer treatments, and thus those who will visit this section of our website, may have had extensive orthodox cancer treatments, and many of them may have been “sent home to die.” We believe that your life isn’t over until God says so. With that in mid, we provide you with OPTIONS.

Many of you have already given orthodox medicine an opportunity to treat your cancer, but orthodox medicine has exhausted their abilities and the patient has been left to their own devices. Many of you only have a short time to live based on the progression of your current illness and treatment history, and you need a great deal of critical and accurate information in a very short amount of time. Hence, the reason why we spend so many hours putting together this website…Just for you.

Thus one of the purposes of this website site is to let cancer patients:

  • 1. Quickly learn about their best alternative cancer treatment options, so they can
  • 2. Make their cancer treatment decisions more quickly, and thus they can
  • 3. Start their alternative cancer treatment sooner than they could by doing their own research!!!
  • 4. Also, if you or your family have the financial resources, to allow you to know where you can go to claim your health back. With options, you will never have to just “go home and put your affairs in order while waiting to die.”

No cancer treatment products are sold from this website and every attempt is made to make statements which are unbiased and are solely in the best interest of you, the cancer patient and your caregiver or family.

2) About MistyBlue Cancer Care Foundation, Limited (MistyBlue)
This website is owned, operated by MistyBlue Cancer Care Foundation, Limited and this website managed by volunteer researchers, bona fide cancer researchers who got fed up of the ‘games’ being played with people’s lives for money.

We will share cancer care treatments researched and developed by Mr. R. Webster Kehr (AKA The Cancer Tutor) of the

and other qualified alternative cancer care specialists, who has developed many natural cancer treatments and made numerous discoveries: People who didn’t go into cancer care for money, but rather to help humanity.

His model of how cancer forms at the cellular level is the most accurate model in history. Ron Gdanski, Dr. Alan Cantwell, Dr. Virginia Livingston, and others have done critical work in developing the individual pieces. Webster Kehr put all the pieces together, coupled with an understanding of mitochondria, and came up with a comprehensive model of why an individual cell is cancerous. His model also explains why many cancer cells have DNA damage.

An understanding of this model, and an understanding of the pleomorphic nature of the microbe which causes cancer, is critical to an understanding of how to cure cancer.  He is the “father” of the concept of an “Overnight Cure For Cancer” (OCC), whereby every cancer cell in a person’s body can be reverted into a normal cell within 24 hours. This is a potential reality if a person understands what really causes cancer.

In the 1930s, researcher Dr. Royal Rife was able to cure cancer because he understood exactly what caused cancer. The American Medical Association offered many times to buy his technology (no doubt with the intent to “bury” the technology), but Dr. Rife refused to “sell-out.” The FDA then stepped in and destroyed his equipment. The point is that, that cancer can be cured very quickly if a person knows what causes cancer.

Webster described in step-by-step detail why microbes cause a cell to be cancerous and the OCC was designed to take advantage of that theory. Webster also developed several spin-off protocols of the Overnight Cure For Cancer, but which can be used as long-term protocols. These include the DMSO/chlorine dioxide protocol (before Jim Humble), the DMSO/colloidal silver protocol, the MSM/chlorine dioxide protocol and the MSM/D3 protocols.

Based on his understanding of what goes on inside of cancer cells, he figured out how melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and uterine cancer spread. At one time there was only one treatment for these three types of cancer, but now there are several very good cures for melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma. He developed the theory that the blood needs to be kept clean of microbes to prevent these types of cancer from spreading.

He perfected and has pushed the concept of using chlorine dioxide transdermally (i.e. through the skin, using DMSO), even before Jim Humble. This allows patients of cancer, Lyme Disease, AIDS, etc. to avoid having to waste a lot of time building up to an oral therapeutic dose. Many patients can never build up to a therapeutic dose. By using transdermal applications, patients can achieve a therapeutic dose on the first day of treatment. His experience with early “Overnight Cure For Cancer” treatments had taught him the technology to do this.

He has developed numerous modifications/improvements to alternative cancer treatments developed by others (which improvements are based on his understanding of how to avoid weaknesses in a treatment). This includes synergy between treatments. His free eBook on the overall treatment of Stage IV cancer is one of the best articles on the Internet on the theory behind treating advanced cancers. See: Treatment For Stage IV Patients

It was Webster Kehr who “broke the code” on why the Bob Beck Protocol works so well on advanced cancer patients. While Bob Beck mentioned why the protocol worked on cancer, in his lectures, because his lectures were focused on AIDS, and because he did not explain very well why his protocol worked on cancer, his protocol was not taken very seriously by alternative cancer treatment researchers. As part of this realization, Webster predicted, in March, 2011, that the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier and other Rife Machines would be just as effective, if not more so, running only in “microbe mode.”

In April, 2011 he developed the Rife-Bare protocol, which is expected to eventually be the most potent alternative cancer treatment on earth for advanced cancer patients. He had previously designed several other protocols, including the MSM/D3 protocol and the Ultimate Simple Protocol.  Webster founded the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. which brought together five cancer researchers. Webster frequently “exchanges notes” with other cancer researchers, in order to compare experiences and learn from each other.

At any given time, Mr. Kehr is researching several cancer treatments still under development. His research is state-of-the-art and is based on a clear understanding of how cancer forms and how various treatments “work.” He is a primary researcher and we depend on his findings as well as that of other dedicated researchers, for information we share with you.

We will endeavor to share the findings right here on our website so you can have the most up to date info on natural cancer treatments and cures.

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