President J. F. Kennedy


Why the Personal Physician to President John F. Kennedy Was Placed Under Gag Order

This is probably the most famous herbal cancer remedy, it was so successful that it went around the world twice, treating thousands of people from all types of cancer.

The story goes that a secret herbal formula was passed down from an Indian tribe to a nurse living in Canada. The nurse, thinking nothing of it, put it away and went about her life. A few years later her aunt was diagnosed with cancer, and was given 6 months to live. Remembering the formula and having “nothing to lose” she tested the herbs on her dying aunt. Miraculously she started feeling better, and within a short timecompletely cured her cancer, to the disbelief of her oncologists.

Inspired by the success seen by her aunt she began to offer the remedy to anyone who asked for it (hundreds of thousands of people in over 93 countries to date). The success of these herbs was so miraculous that eventually Dr. Charles Busch(personal physician to former president John F. Kennedy) learned of its success and became a research partner with her.

One renowned doctor called it “a miracle,” while another called it “calling of an angel.”
As one would expect, the government became involved and Caisse was attacked. More than 75,000 signatures were collected on her behalf, thus allowing her to continue her work.

When Caisse died in 1978, the Canadian Ministry of Health and Welfare destroyedall of her documents. Dr. Charles Brusch, personal physician to President John F. Kennedy, treated thousands of patients with cancer. Dr. Brusch stated that this herb was a cure for cancer and was placed under a “gag-order” by the Federal Government. Dr. Brusch treated and cured his own cancer with the herbs and his records are still preserved. You are going to get the exact recipe of this herbal tea a little later.

Why was this successful treatment suppressed and such a renowned doctor placed on gag order for promoting herbs that cured cancer? Read on to find out.