Our Philosophy

MistyBlue Cancer Care Foundation Philosophy on Alternative Cancer Care

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” – The Bible, Hosea 4:6

Throughout human history, accepted philosophical and scientific paradigms of the created world have changed over time, sometimes radically. The MistyBlue Cancer Care Foundation believes that today’s cancer paradigm as we know it is not accurate, and must undergo a radical,culture-wide change if the disease is going to be eradicated in Jamaicans.

Truth = Leadership = Hope:

Metabolic diseases cannot be cured with chemicals, only through the use of natural products found in nature. The Truth is that your body was designed to heal itself! Chances are, your doctor will never tell you this…but it’s true.
Cut your finger? It heals. Break a bone? It heals. Diagnosed with terminal cancer and sent home to die? Even in this seemingly hopeless circumstance, the body’s powerful healing mechanisms can still rally to your defense, when given the “right stuff” to do it. It is these Stage IV, metastasized “terminal” cancer patients worldwide who are actually responsible, to some extent, for the formation of the Cancer Paradigm we set before you.

Staring death in the face at the eleventh hour, thousands of cancer patients in the last several decades have reported a natural, non-drug, anti-cancer extract, formula, or protocol that has saved their lives and made their healing journey possible. Armed with a massive kick-start to the immune system, these Brave New Cancer Survivors have given us all — from oncologists to cancer patients and everyone in between — the knowledge and understanding we need to allow the real cancer cures to “please stand up” and take center stage.

We believe that if Natural Medicine and the human immune system are powerful enough to heal metastasized terminal cancer, they must be chosen as a first resort in cancer care, rather than a last hope after all orthodox treatment has failed. That is, if healing and eradicating this disease for good, is our general goal.

We believe that the popular Cancer Paradigm, a culture-wide assumption that cancer remains a “mystery-disease” in search of a cure for which we pretend to spend hundreds of billions worldwide, of drug-based research dollars every year, serves to perpetuate this disease for millions. We respectfully disagree. Cancer shouldn’t kill anyone…if people get the truthful information from the beginning. But who will give it, not doctors. They seem scared of the Big Pharma Mafia.

With the Truth about cancer as our starting point, the MistyBlue Cancer Care Foundation has taken the Leadership role in uniting and leading the alternative medicine community, in solving the Jamaican cancer-crisis, offering our citizens real Hope for conquering this ever-increasing plague. Without a cancer paradigm based in Truth, there can never be Hope of conquering cancer once and for all—which is where we stand today as a nation. We hope to be the disruptor of the false thinking, that cancer is a death sentence. We will begin in our home parish Westmoreland.