Message from the Custos of Westmoreland

The Custos of Westmoreland Cannon Hartley. D. Perrin

Launch of Cancer Care FoundationMadam. Chair, Miss Dorothy Satchwell, distinguished friends at the head table other distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. It is with a tremendous sense of pride and pleasure that I come this morning to identify and associate myself and my office to a worthy and meaningful cause.

Bill boards around the country remind us that cancer is the second leading cause of death in Jamaica, only surpassed by heart disease. It means therefore that scores of us are vulnerable to this wicked and cruel disease, that makes no distinction between gender, class, age or even political or religious status. It breaks every barrier.

The care of these patients extends to not only the one who is directly affected but to the entire family who have to see and watch helplessly the pain and suffering of their love ones. Medication is expensive and rehabilitation is often extensive and prolonged. It requires so much by so many.

It is no secret that while the Savanna-La-Mar Public General Hospital has had a long and creditable record of service to all in the parish and even outside its boundaries, it’s ability to offer full care and adequately meet the needs of a growing population is diminishing. The hospital by itself, neither has the resources nor the skill to meet all the medical needs, particularly in the face of the number of accidents and violence that now has become part of our daily lives.

I wish to say that I have been associated with Mitsy for a long number of years, as she relates to me her personal and private struggles with this disease. She has been a phenomenal woman of extraordinary strength. I feel honored to be able, not only to be associated with her, but to call her friend, and recognize the at while others in her circumstances would be disposed to be looking inwards, she has chosen to look outwards, with a view to seeing of what help she can be to others, especially to those in our parish.

I therefore wish to commend her on this timely and bold initiative that seeks to teach, inform and help us, as we strive towards finding solutions to fight this terrible disease. May this kind gesture be properly utilized and managed so that desired goals and objectives be met and surpassed even long after we have left this space. I greet you all well.

God bless you.

Cannon, Hartley D. Perrin
​Custos of Westmoreland

MistyBlue President Dorothy (R) with Custos, Cannon H. D. Perrin and Board Members.