About Westmoreland

Things we may know about the parish of Westmoreland:

  • Manning’s School is one of Jamaica’s oldest and most prestigious grammar Schools.
  • Frome Sugar Estate was once the region’s Economic life line.
  • The Savanna La Mar Forte was built in the 19th century to stave off Pirates.
  • Negril Point Light House was built in 1894. It stands at 66 feet high and rests on a tank 44 feet deep. The light is elevated 100 feet above sea level.
  • White Sands Negril is said to be the most unique beach resort in Jamaica.
  • Ritz Cafe, Negril, was opened in 1974 when Negril was just a quaint fishing village.
  • Bluefield’s Beach and Park is one of the most popular beaches in Jamaica.
  • The first branch of Jamaica National Building society evolved from the Westmoreland Building Society which started back in August 1874.
  • The Savanna La Mar court house on Great Georges’ Street was built in 1925.
  • The Legendary Jimmy Cliff and Reggae Artist Richie Stephens are both from Grange Hill and Savanna La Mar, Westmoreland, respectively.

HOWEVER…..Did you know?

  • Westmoreland is estimated to have one of the highest incidences of cancer in the country?
  • The Savanna La Mar General Hospital, the only public hospital in the parish is not equipped with specialist diagnostic equipment to detect, diagnose or treat cancers?
  • The Public General hospital does not have the infrastructure or facility for specialist cancer treatment and support
  • The nursing staff is not trained in areas of specialist nursing such as palliative or oncology nursing?
  • There is not a Radiologist or Oncologist at the Hospital
  • The residents of Westmoreland have to travel to Cornwall Regional Hospital or further afield for cancer biopsies; operations and treatment?
  • MoH data shows a high mortality rate of cancer patients especially among males
  • There is not a local or national register for cancer patients?