MB President Dorothy

Who We Are
MistyBlue Cancer Care Foundation, Limited was incorporated as a charitable organization and was granted charity status under the charities Act of 2013, through the Companies Act of Jamaica. MistyBlue Cancer Care Foundation, Limited is a non-profit corporation, with its registered office in the parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica.

We are localized in Westmoreland, but our services and research will reach lives nationwide and soon throughout the Caribbean. We are a community-based voluntary healthcare organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem in the lives of our people. Headquartered in Westmoreland, because that is home to our Founder/President who wanted to give back to the parish that nurtured her.

Westmoreland is no longer the ‘step child’, as MistyBlue Cancer Care Foundation is here to ensure that there is a caring, presence in every community where cancer is a detriment in Westmoreland parish. Cancer affects us all and we are determined to provide education, so individuals know about cancer, how to prevent cancer and treat themselves or a loved one, if they are diagnosed with cancer.

​MistyBlue believes in Social Entreprenurial Outreach that can reach the deep rural residents of Westmoreland, so no one gets left behind.

Mission Statement:  To inspire and empower the people of Westmoreland and its environs who are affected by cancer through knowledge, patient participation and sustained by the community.

Vision Statement:  Our vision is to make Cancer Care and Support an attainable right to the citizens of Westmoreland and its environs.

​Tagline:  “Together We Can Achieve More.”