Warning For Pregnant Women Who Have Cancer!!

Warning For Pregnant Women Who Have Cancer!!

If you are pregnant, may be pregnant or may become pregnant during your cancer treatment, it is absolutely critical that you understand EVERYTHING that is in this article!!!

Some of the cells in a developing fetus are very similar to cancer cells! Alternative cancer people generally call these cells “trophoblastic” cells. Whether orthodox medicine uses this term I do not know.

But the important thing to understand is that these fetal cells are very similar to cancer cells. For example, they have high energy, are fast growing and probably have a very low “voltage.”

Alternative cancer treatments can be divided into two general groups:
First, those that target the cancer cells DIRECTLY,

Second, those that target the cancer cells INDIRECTLY.

For example, the herb Paw Paw targets cancer cells directly by “looking for” (this, of course, is a metaphoric term) cells that consume high energy levels.Paw Paw then kills the cancer cells, which consume high amounts of energy. Unfortunately, many fetal cells also have this same property, and Paw Paw may kill these cells also!! Thus, the major manufacturer of Paw Paw does not recommend their herb be taken by pregnant women or women who might become pregnant.

But what I want you to understand is that not all alternative cancer treatments, that could kill fetal cells, come with such a warning!! You cannot depend on your vendor to know what is going on!! It is rare when pregnant women get cancer, and many vendors (and alternative practitioners) simply haven’t run into this problem, so they don’t know about it.

The safest course of action is to AVOID ALL ALTERNATIVE CANCER TREATMENTS THAT TARGET CANCER CELLS DIRECTLY!! This is a true statement until the child is born. (There is no problem with this issue during breast feeding.)

This means pregnant women should focus on alternative cancer treatments that treat cancer cells INDIRECTLY, such as those that build the immune system. I assume that our immune system (and to the best of my knowledge I have never heard differently) can tell the difference between a cancer cell and a fetal cell.

In short, you should do two things. First, go on the “cancer diet” that I mention in my tutorial. Of course, eat the things your OB/GYN (obstetrician) allows. In this regard, also see my generic article for pregnant women at:
Generic Article For Pregnant Women

In terms of cancer treatments, here is the list of required, and safe, items.

Transfer Point Beta Glucan (targets immune system ONLY) [REQUIRED] [VENDOR]

Lymph III and Quantum Kidney Complex (will protect liver, lymph and kidneys) [REQUIRED]
Quantum Kidney Complex may now be called: Quantum Kidney Support

Budwig Diet –Flaxseed Oil/Cottage Cheese [REQUIRED]

TWO “Greens Drinks,” one of which is at least 2 ounces of wheatgrass juice (see “Checklist” article) [REQUIRED]

The reason Aloe Immune, Lymph III and Quantum Kidney Complex are required is because you CANNOT TAKE some of the more potent treatments (such as Paw Paw, DMSO, Enzymes, Cesium Chloride, etc.), but these are potent treatments you CAN take.

The reason the Budwig Diet is required is because all pregnant women need water soluble omega 3 oils (actually it is the baby that needs this). You should also eat two eggs a day for the baby.

For the sake of the baby, no matter what treatment you are on you should take at least 2 ounces of wheatgrass juice a day. Many health food stores carry wheatgrass juice.

Aloe Immune [immune system],

Essense Health Blend (super nutrient and immune builder),
Polysaccharide Supplements (such as beta glucan, BioBran, MGN3,AHCCImmune Fx, etc.) (targets immune system ONLY),
XanGo Mangosteen
Tahitian Noni Juice
Berry Young Juice[my recommended vendor of wolfberry juice],
Probiotics supplements,
Transfer Point Beta Glucan[immune system],
Colostrum[immune system],
Vegetable Juices, etc.

Generally, because of the “cancer diet” the super-fruit juices are only taken during the first month of treatment. On the other hand, Essense Health Blend can be taken at any time.

This is not a complete list, but it gives you the idea. Be careful not to use too strong of a colon cleanse.

Partial List of Items that Target Cancer Cells (Avoid)Paw Paw [AVOID],
Graviola [AVOID],

Protocel, Cantron, Entleve [AVOID],

Cesium Chloride / Rubidium / Potassium (used for cancer treatments) [AVOID],

Any Treatment Using DMSO [AVOID],

NOTE For items not on any of the above lists, it is up to you to research whether the product targets cancer cells because they are undifferentiated.

If you disagree with something on this list, or find out I have made an error in this list, or you think I should add an item to any of the lists, please contact me by email and let me know!!

Email page
The vendors for most of these products can be found either in my “Checklist” article or my “Checklist” addendum for Stage IV cancers:

“Checklist” article
“Checklist” Article for Stage IV cancers

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